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Bulgogi with Wilted Spinach

I decided to cook some red meat this week. I’m one of those people who need some animal protein – red meat in particular – to feel “all-there.” My body just doesn’t seem to absorb iron from plants efficiently. Whatever … Continue reading

09. August 2013 by gomo
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Vegetarian Bibimbap with Gochujang Sauce

Cooking in a tiny NYC kitchen can be a challenge. Most of the kitchens in the home renovation magazines that are described as tiny are palatial compared to a small NYC kitchen. I guess it’s all relative, because some NYCers … Continue reading

19. August 2011 by gomo
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Shigumchi Namul (Korean Seasoned Spinach)

Shigumchi Namul or Sigumchi Namul is an integral part of many popular Korean dishes. Yes; you can most certainly serve it on its own as a respectable banchan (side dish). But Shigumchi Namul is much more than that. You can … Continue reading

11. August 2011 by gomo
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