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MOMA: Experiencing Museum of Modern Art

Living in New York City, we are spoiled. Great restaurants, great theatre, great sports (or so says my husband). But perhaps most telling of all may be the riches of New York City’s art museums, which for many reflect the … Continue reading

12. July 2013 by gomo
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Cheap Eats in NYC

I’ve been neglecting one of my favorite neighborhoods as of late. When I was in my early twenties, my job required me to be in New York City up to 3 weeks out of the month. And in my down … Continue reading

05. July 2013 by gomo
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The Heiress – Progressively Backwards?

Forgive me for stating the obvious: this is a food blog. But I do have other interests and want to write about them on rare occasions. Well, today will be one of those occasions. I love Jessica Chastain. She is … Continue reading

22. January 2013 by gomo
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Seoul Garden: A Pleasant Surprise

My cold has gotten a lot better, almost gone actually. But it was a nasty one. So I didn’t want to take any chances. What better way to oust it from my system than nourishing my body with a delicious … Continue reading

19. September 2011 by gomo
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Hangawi – Korean Vegan Oasis in Manhattan?

I haven’t had a haircut in ages. I really don’t enjoy the experience. I’m a bit fidgety by nature; and having to sit still for an hour while someone pores over my hair isn’t my idea of fun. That’s why … Continue reading

14. August 2011 by gomo
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