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Vegetable Gimbap/Kimbap

Definition of GIM·BAP: Laver or Dried Seaweed (Gim) · Bap (Rice) Gimbap always takes me to a happy place. It’s no wonder. Gimbap is commonly consumed at picnics. And understandably, it conjures up warm weather, fresh-cut grass, and fun. It … Continue reading

09. August 2012 by gomo
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Bibim Guksu (Korean Sweet and Spicy Cold Noodles)

I call this my lazy hot Sunday noodles. “Lazy” because it is very easy and quick to make. And “hot,” well, it’s a bit of a misnomer since the dish itself is cold. But I usually crave it during “hot” … Continue reading

19. July 2012 by gomo
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Roasted Yams and Carrots

Roasted Yams are one of my sister-in-law’s specialties. She made them twice over the course of the week our families were together for Thanksgiving. Each time was delicious. They were kind of like Lay’s potato chips: you couldn’t just have … Continue reading

01. January 2012 by gomo
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Vegetarian Bibimbap with Gochujang Sauce

Cooking in a tiny NYC kitchen can be a challenge. Most of the kitchens in the home renovation magazines that are described as tiny are palatial compared to a small NYC kitchen. I guess it’s all relative, because some NYCers … Continue reading

19. August 2011 by gomo
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Beosut Bokkeum and Danggeun Bokkeum (Two Korean Side Dishes: Sautéed Mushrooms & Sautéed Carrots)

Beosut/Busut Bokkeum and Danggeun Bokkeum are two simple banchan(side dishes) that are also used as ingredients in other dishes. For those who are vegans or vegetarians, Beosut Bokkeum can replace the marinated meat in many basic Korean dishes. I’m not … Continue reading

16. August 2011 by gomo
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