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Baby Bok Choy Kimchi with Cucumbers

I had the benefit of growing up with a wonderful grandmother who showered me with love and lots of homemade food. We always had at least two or three types of kimchi in the fridge. My grandmother was always in … Continue reading

28. September 2011 by gomo
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Vendy Awards 2011

Have you ever had a rich, creamy, buttery, sweet fluffy piece of heaven with a sugary crust? I have. TWICE. And it was vegan. My husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Vendy Awards this weekend … Continue reading

25. September 2011 by gomo
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Ssamjang (Gochujang-Doenjang Sauce for Wraps)

Ssamjang directly translates to wrap sauce or wrap paste in Korean – “ssam” means wrap and “jang” means sauce or paste. Just as the name suggests, it’s a condiment commonly used when assembling Korean wraps. It is usually made with … Continue reading

20. September 2011 by gomo
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Seoul Garden: A Pleasant Surprise

My cold has gotten a lot better, almost gone actually. But it was a nasty one. So I didn’t want to take any chances. What better way to oust it from my system than nourishing my body with a delicious … Continue reading

19. September 2011 by gomo
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Bulgogi (Korean Beef Barbecue)

I grew up eating bulgogi (a.k.a. Korean BBQ or Korean Barbecue) on a regular basis. It was a mainstay at family dinners, picnics, community gatherings, and so on. Sometimes we would barbecue bulgogi using charcoal. Sometimes we would cook it … Continue reading

15. September 2011 by gomo
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