cHow Divine is all about simple, healthy, tasty recipes, with a Korean flair. We use fresh, seasonal ingredients that taste great and are easy to prepare. And you’ll find an interesting mix of recipes that would satisfy any palate. You’ll find the now ubiquitous “-free” recipes: gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free. You’ll find raw. But you’ll also find savory meat dishes, with sauces both sublime and delectable. And for all nearly recipes, you’ll find alternatives to the bane of healthy cooking – table salt and sugar – with creative alternatives that satisfy both the palate and the body.

But what cHow Divine isn’t about is precious food, or taking ourselves too seriously. We love to cook, but we’re not obsessed with it. On cHow Divine, you won’t find many complicated, arcane recipes that require oodles of time. After all, cooking should be fun, not labor! We’ll try to offer good, sound advice that makes you (hopefully) get up from your seat and say, “Hey, that actually sounds good; and I can actually do it!” And we try to do it with a touch of humor, a dash of whimsy, and the fun musings of an ardent, cooking enthusiast. So in the amount of time that the pizza delivery guy gets to your door – okay, maybe a little longer – you’ll be able to whip up a healthy, tasty meal that will delight your entire family, and make you smile along the way.

All of the recipes on cHowDivine has been tested and re-tested by the author/cook/photographer (me, myself, and I). We recreate the recipes – at least once, most times twice – to ensure the outcome before posting the recipe. So please be understanding if we don’t post as often as we’d like. After all, cHow Divine is a one woman (albeit with multiple identities) operation!

The author/cook/photographer is an attorney licensed to practice in CA and NY. She also fancies herself a chemist “licensed” (via her bachelor of science in Chemistry) to practice in the kitchen.

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