I know that a vast majority (99%+) of my readers don’t engage in this. But it has come to my attention that my posts are being copied verbatim – images and recipes – without my consent on certain websites. So I decided to add a short, and hopefully clear, section on this matter .

All photographs, recipes, and other written contents are the property of cHow Divine. If you would like to use a photograph for any public or commercial purposes, please contact me ( for an express written consent.

You are welcome to share on social media websites, including Pinterest, as indicated by the share buttons on the bottom of the posts provided that no part of the recipe (which includes ingredients and directions) is shared. For example, if you are pinning, pin the image – without the recipe – along with a link to the originating post on cHow Divine. Please do not copy/(re-)post the recipe, in whole or in part.

More on terms of use.

Thank you!

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