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  1. I am a designer and illustrator and mother of almost 4 (one due in November). I set up a collaborative Pinterest board created to join like-minded website creators with strong photography and design—to create a strong collaborative board. We would love to invite you to join us. Your photography is beautiful and I love your recipes you share.

    The board is labeled “make” a broad term to allow you to pin any of your best work (or that of others you want to share). The board has the description “projects, recipes, and ideas to make and do + inspiring posts to make wholesome families • inspiration from contributors”. You may pin anything inspiring and good. We want you to share it: (you can see links to all of the collaborators pinterest boards at the top of the Pinterest page).

    There may be others on the collaborative board you may recognize—I also linked to each of them in a recent post if you would like to see the others in the group (and I’ll add you on there too if you decide to join us): The collaborative board has been a wonderful way to connect with these others. This board is a place for each to share what they would like. But, you are especially encouraged to share your own posts I admire so much.

    You may opt out of the board at any time. Please let me know if you will give it a try; and I’ll add you as a collaborator, so you may begin sharing your work. I’ll get your link added onto that post that wordplayhouse post right away too if you decide you want to try it out.

    This is a wonderful way to grow your Pinterest followers (in a larger group with more followers it is easier to get repins and view) and to get new visitors to your website. I DO so hope you will join us. And, if you decide not to, I am still so delighted I found your website today. I look forward to many more visits to your lovely online space.



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