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Kimchi Jumuk Bap (Kimchi Rice Balls)

Jumuk + Bap = Fist + Rice A friend of mine once asked me what jumuk bap meant. I told her that it directly translated to “fist rice.” She thought it weird, but I never once questioned the reason behind … Continue reading

24. May 2013 by gomo
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Korean Sticky, Sweet, and Spicy Chicken Legs

Is this a normal course of a person’s evolution? Little by little over the past few years, I became a person I hardly recognize. I was at an event that was attended by a number of celebrities this Monday, including … Continue reading

17. May 2013 by gomo
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Roasted Sweet and Spicy Chickpeas

I have chickpeas on the brain. I kind of blame it on Amazon. Among other things, I’m addicted to Amazon. I bought 12 cans of garbanzo beans on subscribe and save. That’s a crap load of beans for a tiny … Continue reading

10. May 2013 by gomo
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Chickpea Fries with Parsley Garlic Flakes

I’ve been eating clean for the past week or so. No processed foods, no sugar, no red meat, no gluten, and no fried foods. I know. It sounds like a party. 😛 It’s actually not too bad. I don’t crave … Continue reading

03. May 2013 by gomo
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