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Hobakjuk (Pumpkin Porridge with Rice Dumplings)

I have a habit I need to break. I buy way too much of foods that I love – unreasonably too much. I love kabocha pumpkins. And the last time I went to Whole Foods, organic kabochas were on sale. … Continue reading

17. November 2011 by gomo
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Ddukbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes) – The Ultimate Street Food

Ddukbokki is hands down my favorite street food. That’s saying a lot, considering the number of street foods available just in Korea. When I was in fifth grade, my parents sent me and my brother to Korea to visit my … Continue reading

09. November 2011 by gomo
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Anchovy-Dashima Stock

Anchovy-dashima stock is commonly used in Korean cooking. It’s not just for soups. I use it in place of water in many recipes. It is considered healthier than meat stocks and more delicate in taste.

09. November 2011 by gomo
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Almond Cookies – Perks of Messing Up in the Kitchen

I REALLY LOVE raw almond butter. I smother it on my toast every single morning. I eat it with my banana. I smear some on my chocolate bars. I put a dollop on my pastries. I even put it in … Continue reading

06. November 2011 by gomo
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