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Tteokguk (Korean Rice Cake Soup)

Happy (Lunar) New Year everyone! I hope this post finds everyone happy and well. In a Korean home, a new year celebration always involves tteokguk or manduguk. When I was little, I was told that I couldn’t become a year … Continue reading

31. January 2014 by gomo
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Bulgogi Ddukbokki (Non-Spicy Sautéed Korean Rice Cakes)

I’m not a huge meat eater. But I’ve been eating red meat more often lately. I’m not crazy about cooking and handling raw meat. I’m a bit of a germaphobe. But more importantly, I really liked the idea of having … Continue reading

08. April 2012 by gomo
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Tteok Manduguk (Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup)

My grandmother used to tell me that I couldn’t ring in the New Year without having some Tteok Manduguk (Korean Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup) according to Korean tradition. Who am I to argue with this long-standing tradition? I’ve been … Continue reading

05. January 2012 by gomo
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Ddukbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes) – The Ultimate Street Food

Ddukbokki is hands down my favorite street food. That’s saying a lot, considering the number of street foods available just in Korea. When I was in fifth grade, my parents sent me and my brother to Korea to visit my … Continue reading

09. November 2011 by gomo
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