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Korean-Style Miso Noodle Soup

I was totally out of commission for over a week due to a terrible cold. I’ve been going nonstop since my California vacation in June. And getting eight hours of sleep was nothing but a feint memory. I was doing … Continue reading

11. October 2013 by gomo
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Miyeok Juk – Korean Sea Vegetable Porridge

Why not serve something unconventional for Mother’s Day? Something with significance and meaning, albeit from another culture? Miyeok (sea vegetables or seaweed) is a food/ingredient that evokes mothers or motherhood in Korea. In Korea, most postpartum women – maybe almost … Continue reading

09. May 2012 by gomo
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Miyeok Guk for the Soul (Korean Seaweed Soup)

Growing up, I didn’t get chicken noodle soup for colds and other ailments. I got Miyeok Guk, sometimes Samgaetang (soup with cornish game hen stuffed with sweet rice), but mostly Miyeok Guk. Miyeok (seaweed) is rich in minerals and phytonutrients … Continue reading

10. September 2011 by gomo
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